Metallica’s Attorney Fired

The reason for firing was related to the use of Metallica’s logo. As it turned out, a Canadian Metallica tribute band, Sandman, have used their new logo since 2003 during their concerts and on social media (Facebook and YouTube), and had never experienced any problems with its use. Now, however, they received a 41-page Cease-and Desist letter from Metallica’s attorney forbidding the use of Metallica’s logo.

As Metallica explained to the Rolling Stone Magazine, the band had had no knowledge of the letter and their attorney had sent the letter behind their back.

Commenting on the letter, Metallica say Sandman should file it in the trash and keep doing what they are doing. Metallica have always supported tribute bands and wish Sandman the best of luck. As for their attorney, the band mentioned that he could be found fishing in Alaska.

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